So, Who is Lawnscanner?
We blog about everything lawn care. Weed Killers, Fertilizers, Seeds, Spreaders/Sprayers, String Trimmer or Hedge Trimmers, Lawn Edgers, Lawn Mowers, Pests, Composting, and all the new inventions that are introduced to the lawn industry every year.

Our Mission is To Help You Level up Your Gardening Skills​

Therefore, we blog daily, and constantly try to up our game by following other blogs, news, and YouTubers. Right now we publish multiple pieces each week. We’re also looking to start a YouTube channel shortly where we show you how to care for your lawn and guide you about the different products.

I am Ricky Martin, married and a father of 2 kids. I have been in the field of lawn care for the past 10 years.

I started my career as an assistant in a local lawn care service provider. Since then, I have been doing a part-time job in a lawn care company, and I learned a lot about lawn care from that job.

I have launched numerous projects where I have written articles on how to keep your lawn beautiful and green all season, and how can you protect your plants and flower from bugs and weeds. Through my research, I have discovered various garden-related products that have been introduced by the companies and reviewed them.


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