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If you are looking for the best weed eater, you have come to the right place. Weed eaters can be used on yards, sidewalks, and other places that need some trimming down. It is important to know what type of weed eater you would like before making your purchase. There are many different brands and types of weed eaters that will suit your needs.

Here, we made a list of the top 8 Best String Trimmer based on personal experience, customer feedback, brand reputation, hardware quality, market analysis, price, and more.

A Quick Glance at Our 8 Best Weed Eater and String Trimmer

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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed
  • Slow release formula
  • Thickens the lawn
  • 2X more powerful weed control
  • Improves lawn’s ability to absorb water
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killer
  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Prevents crabgrass for 4 months
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Super concentrate
  • Kill weeds to the root
  • Quick weeds and grass killer
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Rainproof in 30 minutes
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Preen 2164169 One Lawncare Weed & Feed
  • Kill toughest lawn broadleaf weeds
  • Block crabgrass all season
  • Stop germination of crabgrass
  • Fertilize the lawn
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Scotts Turf Builder Starter food for new grass plus weed preventer
  • Grow new grass quicker and thicker
  • Improve seeding results
  • Promote faster root development
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action
  • Prevent the weeds
  • Feed the lawn
  • Kill the dollarweed and clover
  • Kills fire ants and pesky bugs
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
BioAdvanced Weed & Feed
  • Kill lawn weeds
  • Feed, and strengthen the lawn
  • Improves and fortifies roots
  • Increase heat and drought resistant
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
Scott Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed and Feed
  • 2X more dandelion and clover killer
  • Feed your grass
  • Build strong root of grass
  • Weed grip technology
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
GreenView Weed and Feed
  • Kills up to 200 broadleaf weeds
  • Feed nutrition up to 12 weeks
  • Improve root growth
  • Block crabgrass
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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router
  • Kills more than 250 types of weeds
  • Fast acting nitrogen
  • Best weed and feed for thick healthy and greener lawn
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Best Heavy Duty Weed Eater: Husqvarna 128CD 17″ Cutting Path, Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Smart start technology
  • High visibility cutting shield
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • 17-inch cutting diameter
  • Uses gas and oil mixture
  • Starter cord resistant by 40% for easy engine start
  • Carburetor for easy removing unwanted air
  • Curved shape helps to distribute weight evenly
  • Can be attach to pole saw, cultivator, and edger
  • Oil and gas must be mixed on your own

The Husqvarna 128CD 17” is a great way to keep yourself, your family, and the environment protected. The T25 trimmer head is a 28 cc 2-stroke engine that runs on unleaded gas and oil. It has a 17-inch cutting width, with a curved shaft design to evenly distribute weight so you can operate for longer periods without discomfort or fatigue.

And if something does happen while using yours then don’t stress. There’ll always be another line cartridge waiting in reserve. Thanks to the easy reload system built into this product specifically made just for these purposes.

With no worries when it’s time to replace your line – these heads are designed to make reloading easy as pie. Not only does the translucent fuel tank allow you to monitor how much juice is left in there but also allows visual monitoring of where everything goes at all times while working outdoors.

The 128CD string trimmer power base offers a smart solution for tackling multiple jobs around our yards. The 40% reduction in starter cord resistance allows easy engine starts, while the braided line and cutting shield protect you from flying rocks or debris – giving you better visibility of what we are doing out there with this tool. With three “click on” attachments available (edger/cultivator & Pole saw), it becomes more than just another yard work item but rather an essential part of any homeowner’s arsenal.

Best Professional Weed Eater and String Trimmer: BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer Combo Kit

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • AFS automatic Feed Spool
  • Power drive high torque transmission
  • Adjustable height for customizable comfort
  • State of charge indicator that shows battery level
  • Air speed up to 130 mph
  • Compatible with 36 volt ion system
  • Easily convert from trimmer to edger
  • Low noise design
  • 2 years limited warrantee
  • Only comes with 1 battery
  • The leaf blower lack power

The BLACK+DECKER LCC340C 40V Max lithium string trimmer/sweeper combo kit consists of a lightweight, powerful tool that will allow you to trim and edge your grass quickly. The unit’s power drive transmission allows for an easy cut while the automatic feed spool AFS ensures there are no interruptions in work – complete cleanup time is shorter.

With its simple conversion process from single-function edger back into landscaping line cutter (with just seconds needed), we’re confident this versatile product can suit almost anyone on any type of yard task they might need to be done at home or professionally installed by professionals like us here at LawnLove.

You’ll also love how quiet this thing runs at up 130 MPH on wind speeds less than 12 inches which makes it perfect outside without bothering anyone else too much around your house or property either- great if running an edging job where most people don’t want any noise pollution caused by loud machinery getting close enough they’d have trouble hearing anything over their thoughts when trying not.

The gearless transmission means there are no bumping belts which will ensure uninterrupted work all day long. Also making this combination easy enough even for beginners who aren’t accustomed yet to how versatile these products are.

Best Commercial Weed Eater: Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Rust free aluminum shaft
  • Easy adjustable handle
  • Powerful 5amp motor
  • Auto feed trim line
  • 14 inch dual line cutting head
  • Combination of trimmer and edger
  • Budget friendly
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cut thick grass and weed
  • Need to plug in

If you have a lot of lawn to keep up with, Toro’s 51480 corded trimmer/edger is an excellent option. It features a powerful 5 amp motor that effortlessly cuts through thick grass and weeds without bogging down or tiring out.

This powerful, durable tool has a 60cc 4-cycle engine and comes equipped to handle thick grass or weeds in one step. The dual cutting system enables easy switching from trimming mode (for thinning out edges) into edging when needed – without any tools required on your part. You can extend either reach easily by adjusting the adjustable assist handle according to user preference.

The extra-wide 14-inch dual-line cutting head on this trimmer makes quick work of those tough trimming jobs. Unlike other tools that require you to stop and change heads, this lightweight tool can be used as an edger or trimmer with just minimal adjustments in your handle. Plus its aluminum telescoping shaft allows for extended reach giving more flexibility when weeding out tough spots near obstacles like fences etc.

Best String Trimer: Greenworks 48V 16″ Brushless (Attachment Capable) Cordless String Trimmer,

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Lightweight aluminum tube
  • Dual port rapid charger
  • Brushless electronic motor
  • Bump feed head
  • High/low speed selector
  • 24V lithium ion battery
  • 16-inch cutting path
  • Attachment cable
  • Auxiliary handle
  • Moderately Expensive

The Greenworks 48V 16″ Brushless (Attachment Capable) Cordless String Trimmer allows you to tackle up to 1/4 acre with the available 4Ah battery. It features an electronic brushless motor for increased run time, fade-free power, and low noise without maintenance. The motor provides more power, longer run times, quiet operation, and extended motor life.

An ultra-compact design delivers easy handling around delicate areas; a dual string trimmer head allows for quick line changes. Ultra-lightweight (6.3 lbs w/o battery) & compact design at only 33 inches in length makes it ideal for trimming hard-to-reach places.

The two 4Ah gives you up to 45-120 minutes depending on speed making this an extremely efficient string trimmer that is perfect if you have a large area to cover. Attachment is also available to turn your trimmer into an edger, pole saw, hedge trimmer, and more.

Other highlights include lightweight design, adjustable handle from 30″ – 41″, convenience grip on/off switch, quick snap line load system with a bump that adds comfort during the operation. Also, include a 30,000 mAh dual port rapid charger that helps in long operations.

Best Electric: RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Universal gas attachment
  • 40 Volt lithium ion battery
  • Adjustable cutting width
  • Reel easy bump feed
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Expendable battery system
  • Best for large yard up to 1 acre
  • Multiple attachments available
  • Heavy
  • Moderately expensive

RYOBI string trimmer is powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery. They have more torque than brushed motors found in most competitive products. They’ve combined that with incredible ease of use design so even small jobs around your yard get done quickly and efficiently. The tool-free guard is easy to pop on for trimming along fence lines or edging around borders, and even it can be removed for full-power string trimming to take down tall grass.

The RYOBI 40V Trimmer’s adjustable cutting width makes it easy to do more in less time. Simply adjust the head angle to go from an 18-inch swath up to a wider 32-inch swath, then move or remove the guard depending on what you’re doing.

For instance, if you’re using the tool-free guard, but need the trimmer to go slightly wider, simply remove it and keep working. Other trimmers force you to stop and make adjustments when you want them wider, but not with the Expand-It system. It doesn’t matter if your yard is flat or hilly. You’ll get through your entire yard.

One Lithium Ion Battery Fits All RYOBI cordless products are powered by lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells. They deliver more power in a compact package than some other battery types, and you can reuse them hundreds of times. The RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer has interchangeable batteries. So when it’s time to add some power to your collection, just swap out the tools and keep on working without missing a beat.

Worx WG163.9 20V Power Share GT 3.0 12″ String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger (Tool Only)

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Push button line feed
  • 90 degrees tilting shaft
  • 12 inch cutting diameter
  • Rubberized twin wheels
  • Convert trimmer to edger
  • Innovative spool system
  • Combo tool
  • Telescopic shaft for adjusting height and posture
  • Lightweight
  • Batteries and charger sold separately
  • Cutting width is little less

The Worx 20 Volt Grass Trimmer/Edger is a versatile, well-priced piece of equipment that does more than just one thing. It’s lightweight and powerful enough for any yard work you need it to do; at only five pounds thanks to its rechargeable battery (which can be charged either indoors or outside), this weed eater will easily get the job done without taking up too much space in your shed like some heavier models might.

This tool can be used as either a trimming blade OR an edging package! Plus all got to do is twist the shaft on one end & rotate the head for transition between modes making two tasks at one time.

With its innovative spool system that feeds line quickly for use on slopes or hard-to-reach areas! With easy adjustments made possible because of an ergonomic handle design as well rubberized twin wheel set support systems both upfront but also alongside it when needed most.

This machine will make maintaining your yard look like child’s play no matter what terrain they may throw at him/herself – all without compromising comfort levels thanks again adjustable height settings which allow users heights ranging anywhere between 6’0″

DEWALT String Trimmer, DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Kit (DCKO975M1)

Goxawee Cordless Drill Screwdriver
9.8/10 Our Score


  • 20V cordless string trimmer
  • Lightweight gear drive transmission
  • 13 inch if swath width
  • 400 CMF of air volume
  • Innovative axial fan design
  • High efficiency brushless motor
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Bump feed
  • Battery and charger included
  • Double spool is difficult to install
  • Some customer say the battery is not powerful for long time

The 20V cordless string trimmer is a great way to stay trimmed in your backyard. It features an amplifier design for extra torque when going through the overgrowth, which you can do with ease thanks to its lightweight gear drive transmission and 13″ of the swath. This tool also packs quite the punch; at 0.080″, this line gives off more than enough power so that even large weeds won’t stand a chance.

Dewalt String Trimmer is powered by a brushless motor that delivers more power and longer run-time. Powers through heavy overgrowth with a gear drive transmission design for amplified torque. Line auto feeds from the spool to ensure you can keep working continuously. The spool is simple to reload so you spend less time rewinding the line and more time clearing debris.

All these benefits come without any hassle or pain because we’ve got what it takes on our side: Brushless technology means no more having concerns about running out o juice during prolonged sessions – just use up all yours then recharge afterward (or midway).

The Brushless handheld blower provides 400 cubic feet per minute worth of air volume at 90 miles per hour to clear out debris quickly in your garden shed or campsite without worrying about running low on fuel halfway through blowing stuff away.

Best String Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

After reading products reviews, you have probably 2-3 model that excites you. And the buying guide will help you narrow down the choice for the best string trimmer.

Types of Weed Eater Head

There are a few different types of weed eater or brush cutter heads that you can use to cut grass, weeds, and small bushes.

You can also convert some models to allow them to be used as a hedge trimmer.

Multi-Line Head

 This is the most common type of head with multiple high-strength nylon lines that rotate around a spool where the line is wound on it. As the head spins, plastic teeth grip loose ends of the lines and pull more lines from the spool so there is always adequate length for proper cutting action even when working at full throttle. However, if one of these tips does break off under heavy use they tend to bounce around inside your engine compartment until they find an exit point which can damage belts and bearings. So it is best to not bump these into anything that might break them off.

Gas-Powered String Head  

This head has a blade that spins at high speed to cut grass or brush but doesn’t use nylon string as the multi-line heads do. It uses an endless loop of heavy-duty rubber cord that resembles an old-style telephone cable that can be loaded onto the spool inside the head where you pull out length as needed. Cutting power is usually more impressive than line-based heads, but they are difficult to find now because most manufacturers have abandoned this design in favor of nylon string lines for better durability and performance.

Electric Powered String Head

These are electric-powered multi-line heads with much higher quality nylon lines that are typically able to last a lot longer. These are mainly meant for more heavy-duty professional jobs and normally have a lot of metal parts, mostly made of alloyed metals that will never rust. Check warranty terms before buying this type of head though because you might void it if you use any other fuel source on them other than electricity from the wall outlet or impact driver attachment.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Weed Eater

Power Source

There are two types of weed eaters. Electric weed eaters are environmentally friendly and less of a health risk than gas-powered string trimmers. They also allow you to work longer before needing a break, but the drawback is that they don’t emit any fumes which would make them dangerous in certain environments like near fire-prone materials or people with respiratory issues.

The best option depends on what kind of yard work needs doing: if your goal is trimming weeds without harming grass then go electric; otherwise choose between gas.

Battery Life and Runtime

The best string trimmers can run on gas, a direct electrical connection, or a battery. The string trimmers that operate on a battery have the same freedom of movement as a gas trimmer, but the user doesn’t need to worry about the heavyweight. However, they do need to be concerned about the battery life and the runtime of the tool.

A trimmer’s battery life is difficult to gauge, as many factors can influence its efficiency. For example temperature and even the type of grass or weeds being cut affect how long a unit will run on one charge! Luckily most manufacturers provide an average amount of runtime based on controlled tests in ideal conditions which should be more than enough for any homeowner looking to trim their lawn without having cords getting tangled up all over them while trying to do so safely

Rotating Head

A weed wacker is essential for any gardener. Weedeater can also be an edger. But, what if you want one to do more than just trim the weeds? Rotating your edger attachment can make cleanup easier.

Adjustable Length

A weed eater is perfect for any household that includes more than one person. With an adjustable shaft, you can make sure it’s long enough to suit the height of someone in your family and short enough so everyone else doesn’t get bored with mowing too easily.

Curved or Straight Shaft

Do you know which one is better? The debate between straight- or curved shafts for handling tricks often comes down to preference. In general, shorter curved ones allow users nimble maneuvering around obstacles while longer tools increase their reach and coverage from a given point of view–pros favor this design as it allows them more ground with fewer steps taken on any particular project.

The gap between Cutting Head

When deciding which string trimmer is best for you, make sure to look at the cutting head. A large gap between them will cause tall grass or weeds to wrap around and get wrapped up in your shaft rather than cutting them off easily like they’re supposed to do- because who wants weeds?


String trimmers are one of the most dangerous tools in your toolkit. They have a shield to protect you from debris, but even so, it is best if worn gloves and protective eyewear while handling them too- especially gas models which can propel shavings into eyes or lungs with no warning whatsoever.

Mallet heads also pose risks on their own; they’re heavy enough that swung blows could break skin easily without breaking first. If something looks amiss then get outta there pronto because this thing will chew up everything before spitting out more than just sawdust.


If you use your string trimmer every day, make sure to clean it after each time and store it in a dry place outside. Cleaning the exterior of any gas-powered weed eater will help prevent rust from forming on its metal parts as well as keep dirt away that might accumulate inside over time if not maintained properly by adding oil periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions for this type.

In addition, remove air filters or spark plugs when finished using unless otherwise directed because they can become clogged with debris which could reduce performance drastically.


A poor choice of a line can ruin a chore as painlessly and efficiently as possible. The line varies in size, shape, weight – there are so many options! Here’s the rundown:

Round – Basic with few cracks for durability; versatile enough to be found anywhere or handled by anyone at any time.

Square– Heavy duty weed hogging material that does well on tough weeds but not brush trees.

Multi-sided-Dares itself into thick patches without breaking too badly.

Twisted axel– is best for heavy-duty jobs. But they are moderately expensive.


A weedeater is a great tool for garden jobs. So, you must choose a trimmer with features suited for what type of yard work needs doing. If there are trees or other objects nearby and steep terrain where heavy cuts won’t do any harm then opt for something on heavier weight classifications – but if an open space will suffice just fine then maybe consider opting lower down rather than higher up.


What is the Best Weed Eater for Thick and Long Weeds?

Gas weed eaters are typically more powerful and efficient than electric-powered ones, but the type of string you use makes a difference too. Square or multi-sided strings will slice through thick weeds easily because they’re sharper on one side compared with rounded options like those found on round trimmers which can get caught when fighting tough vegetation such as oak trees (or cut bushes).

You can cut through branches as thick as your arm with the right tool. A hedge trimmer or brushcutter is typically required for bushes and other overgrown areas, but even a weed eater will work wonders on these tough stems if you invest in one that has attachments available to use a larger line of yard tools like an edger.

How do You Refill the String Trimmer Line?

There are many types of weed eaters on the market, and each one requires a specific type to refill. Referring back to your owner’s manual can help with instructions for refilling that particular kind as well as any additional information needed.

How Long Do Weed Eaters Last?

A weed eater can last for years with routine maintenance, such as replacing the string and battery on occasion. If you want to get your WeedEater up and running like new again though it’ll need more than just some cleaning: replace all parts that have worn out over time or become unbalanced in order to see results.

How to Maintain/Care Your Weed Eater?

A weed eater is a great way to keep your yard neat and trim, but it’s important not just for aesthetic purposes. A dirty job can cause dirt particles in the engine which will slow down its operation over time- so make sure you clean off any debris before storing it.

If there are signs of rust or corrosion on metal parts such as components made from steel alloys (such as BAT), aluminum bronzes/bronze) – they may need replacement when cleaning since these materials do not hold up well against acidic environments without protection as paint does…

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best weed eater to help with your yard work, then we recommend that you consider these options. The Black and Decker LSW20 is a great option if you want something lightweight and easy to use while still getting quality results.

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