Editorial Policy and Standards

At lawnscanner, we believe that our editorial policy is the foundation of our company. It is what drives us to find and publish the best content for our readers. Our policy is simple: we only publish content that is accurate, objective, and trustworthy.

Our Content Integrity Promise

Our commitment to providing reliable and high-quality content is at the core of Lawnscanner’s values. We take pride in our team of experts, including writers, editors, fact-checkers, medical and financial professionals, illustrators, and photographers, who work tirelessly to produce accurate, up-to-date, and reader-focused content.

Each article we publish has a byline that highlights the author’s name, a brief description, and a link to their profile. This helps readers to learn more about the people who contributed to the piece. We also provide the date of the latest update, ensuring that our readers have access to the most recent and relevant information. Some articles include a tagline at the end, offering additional insights into the research or authorship.

At Lawnscanner, we strictly adhere to our guidelines, and we never publish content generated by AI writing tools. We believe in the power of human creativity and expertise, which is why we rely on our team of professionals to produce our content.

Our team of illustrators, photographers, and videographers work in-house, collaborating with experts in their respective fields to produce assets that accurately represent diverse perspectives and voices. To ensure that our assets are of the highest quality, we subject them to periodic reviews by editors, medical professionals, financial experts, and anti-bias review board members.

In the event of factual errors, we are committed to transparency, and we make corrections promptly. Our readers’ feedback is vital, and we make it easy for them to report errors and provide suggestions for improvements.

At Lawnscanner, we uphold high ethical standards, and our writers, editors, and contributors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Our advertisers have no influence on our editorial content, and we maintain a strict separation between advertising and editorial content. Our readers can trust that our content is unbiased and objective.

Fact Checkers

At Lawnscanner, we take content accuracy very seriously. To ensure that the information presented in our articles is reliable, we have a team of experienced fact-checkers who provide a critical layer of review.

Our fact-checking professionals are selected and vetted based on their journalistic and subject matter expertise. They are tasked with researching all statements of fact to ensure that the news and information presented in our articles are accurate, comprehensive, and properly sourced. Our fact-checkers also ensure that the statistics used in our articles are up to date.

Articles that have been officially fact-checked will display a “fact check” badge, along with the name of the fact-checker at the top of the page near the author. This badge provides our readers with the confidence that the information presented in the article has been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed by our fact-checking team.

If you notice any issues or errors in our articles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accuracy and Corrections

Our editorial team is dedicated to providing high-quality, factually accurate content. We understand that errors may occur from time to time, and we take swift action to correct them. When an error is identified in one of our stories, we will correct it as quickly as possible. All corrections will be clearly labeled and will include information on what was changed and when.

We also understand the importance of clear and detailed language in our articles. When a story is factually correct but could benefit from improved language, we may update the article without an editor’s note.

While news articles typically cover a specific event or occurrence and are not regularly updated, our collection of “evergreen” service content is routinely reviewed, updated, and fact-checked by our professional review boards. This ensures that the information in our articles is accurate, complete, relevant, and up-to-date. Each article is date-stamped to reflect the last time it was updated.

We believe that our commitment to accuracy and transparency sets us apart and helps us to build trust with our readers.


We maintain rigorous journalistic principles when sourcing our articles. Our team of writers and editors relies on credible primary sources such as government organizations, academic institutions, expert interviews, and professional studies. We ensure that all facts, data points, and claims are supported by at least one reputable source.

To maintain transparency and uphold reader trust, we strongly discourage the use of anonymous or unnamed sourcing. However, in rare cases where it is necessary to use an anonymous source, we will provide the necessary context and disclose the reason behind the anonymity to our readers.

We believe that journalism should be built on a foundation of accuracy and accountability. By adhering to these principles, we aim to provide our readers with reliable and trustworthy news and information.

Independence and Impartiality

At Lawnscanner, we are dedicated to providing our readers with independent, impartial, and fair journalism. Our advertisers do not influence our editorial content in any way. We hold every staff member and contributor accountable to a high standard of honesty and transparency.

We have a strict separation between advertising and editorial content. Any “Sponsored Content” is labeled to make it clear that it is provided by or on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor.

Our mission is to offer valuable information that assists people in finding answers, solving problems, and becoming inspired. Therefore, we are committed to publishing comprehensive and unbiased reviews of products and services. Our product and service reviews are completely independent and based on rigorous research and testing. If readers visit “affiliate links” within our content, The Spruce may earn commissions from purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations.

Our writers and editors at Lawnscanner are strictly prohibited from showing preferential treatment to any external resource (company, publication, video, affiliate, website) based on their relationship with the person or company who authors or owns that resource.

All of our writers and editors are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest, including any financial or personal relationships with any source or resource that may compromise their ability to provide fair and impartial information. Like many publishers, our writers and editors are sometimes provided with complimentary products or services for review purposes. We are transparent and disclose when any valuable products or services are provided to our editorial teams. Our editorial staff and contributors are not allowed to request gifts or services for personal purposes.


At Lawnscanner, our aim is to provide our readers with original, valuable, and unbiased content. We uphold a high standard of accuracy and ensure that all information presented in our articles is properly verified, accurately attributed, and does not infringe on anyone’s copyright or intellectual property rights. Any allegation of plagiarism is thoroughly investigated, and it may lead to termination.

We require all contributors on our network to follow all applicable laws, standards, and accepted journalistic practices. This includes but is not limited to avoiding any conflicts of interest, providing proper attribution, and maintaining editorial independence. Our writers and editors are expected to act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of journalistic ethics including.