Best Way To Lubricate the Hedge Trimmer

How to Lubricate the Hedge Trimmer?

When you’re using your hedge trimmer, the best thing to do is oil it. Use only the recommended type of oil to lubricate the hedge trimmer. You can check the user manual of the machine to know more about the specific type of oil to be used. Use the correct amount of oil for proper lubrication of your hedge trimmer.

If you are using the wrong type of oil, it may lead to damage to the machine, thereby shortening its lifespan. If the manual does not specify the type of oil to be used, then find out the type of oil mentioned on the machine or on the packaging of the new oil. Always turn the engine off before applying oil to it.

Benefits of Oiling Hedge Trimmer

When you oil the machine you keep it like new and in the end, you will save money as opposed to buying a new one. There are many benefits to oiling your hedge trimmer.

1. It will work better

2. The new blades will be sharp and won’t dull too fast

3. You won’t need to use it too often

All in all, you get to save money and keep the machine your very own.

Oiling is important for keeping your trimmer in prime condition. Rusting, sticking, and stiffening can occur after repeatedly using your hedge trimmer. This results in slower performance, along with jagged, rugged cuts along with your hedge plants.

Oiling or lubricating your trimmer will give you a much smoother, well-balanced, and quieter experience. A few drops of oil or a squirt of lubricant will keep your trimmer performing at its peak. Regularly check the hedge trimmers that you rely on for a clean-cut by spritzing a little lube or oil on the blade and blade housing.

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What Oil To be Used on Hedge Trimmer?

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Lubricate the hedge trimmer

Commercial oils are made specifically for machine use. Home oils are not ideal at all for this purpose and can cause damage to your trimmer. Be sure to look for oil that is environmentally safe and plant safe, with certificates of purity and safety. These are only a few of the key things to keep in mind when looking for the best commercial oil for your needs and your trees.

Best Time to Lubricate the Hedge Trimmers?

It’s important that you oil your hedge trimmer at least once every time you use it. This will help keep the blade operating smoothly and protect the shaft from rust. Start by giving the blade a quick wipe with a cloth to remove excess dust and debris. Then, loosen the screws on the blade guard and remove them.

If there’s any oil or grease in the well, use a dry cloth to wipe it away. After the blade well is empty, refill the well with oil or grease. Make sure you replace the blade guard and give the blade a few spins to spread the oil or grease over the entire blade.

How to Oil Your Hedge Trimmer?

The best way to oil a blade is by hand. It’s the most effective way to get the blades oiled without the risk of damaging the machine. The best method is to put one of your clothes over the blade and use your hand to move it upward and downward. Make sure to drag the blade at a 90-degree angle, as this is the way that will ensure the blades are getting oiled effectively.

You can also use a spray-on oil. This is best used on blades that are already removed from the machine. You just want to spray the oil on the blades and run it back and forth about 10 times, coating it evenly. Then you want to drag it back and forth at a 90-degree angle. Be sure that the blade is completely dry before attempting to put it back in the machine.

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Storage After Oiling

The first thing you need to do is to get yourself a place to store the hedge trimmer. You can use hooks to hang it somewhere that it won’t fall or get knocked over. You can also place it in a place where it won’t get wet. You don’t want water damage to ruin your hedge trimmer.

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Storage | Lubricate the Hedge Trimmer

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Final Thoughts

To keep your hedge trimmer in good working condition, you need to regularly lubricate and perform small repairs on the tool. You can find these details in the user’s manual that comes with your trimmer, or you can contact the manufacturer for guidance on the best way to lubricate the hedge trimmer.

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