Which Spreaders Is Best for Your Lawn

Which Spreader Is Best for Your Yard?

Fertilizer spreaders come in different sizes and shapes. You need to figure out which one fits your lawn best. Follow the instructions carefully when using any type of spreader. Small lawns are 4,000 square feet or less. Large lawns are 15,000 square feet or more. Extra-large lawns are 20,000 square feet or greater. If you have a small yard, consider a smaller model such as a handheld spreader or drop spreader. A broadcast spreader or ATV spreader is recommended for larger lawns. 

There are different types of fertilizer spreaders;

Broadcast Spreader

Broadcast spreaders are usually larger than drop spreaders and are typically used for fertilizing grassy areas such as golf courses, parks, and athletic fields. Drop spreaders are smaller and are often used for spreading mulch around flower beds and shrubs.

Fertilizer spreaders
Best Fertilizer Spreaders

They can be operated from the back of a vehicle without having to get out and walk around the yard. This makes them easier to use when you need to apply fertilizer or other materials to an entire area. They are less likely to miss certain parts of your yard because they do not require precise placement.

A large hopper and control panel help this machine cover large areas quickly and accurately. It has excellent accuracy with a 6-foot spread pattern. It has foam-filled tires that never go flat, so you can move around easily without worrying about getting stuck. And it spreads ice melt too.

Handheld Spreader

handheld spreader
handheld spreaders

This is an inexpensive way to spread seeds on the lawn. It’s very simple to use and requires no special skills. It consists of a handle and a container attached to it. The container holds the material to be spread. The container can hold up to 6lb. of seed or fertilizer. The container is usually made of plastic but some models are made of metal.

Pull Behind Spreader

This is another option for spreading seeds on the lawn. Its design allows you to push the unit forward while pulling it back. This makes it easier to maneuver through narrow spaces. Push-pull seed spreaders are designed to spread seeds at a rate of 2 to 3 inches per second. They are often used by homeowners who want to spread their own seeds.

Best Tow Behind Spreader

Walk Behind Spreader

It is similar to a garden hose nozzle. It sprays seeds across the lawn. The spray pattern depends on how fast you turn the nozzle. Walk behind fertilizer spreaders are commonly used by commercial landscapers.

Use a Fertilizer spreader

Tractor Mounted Seed Spreader

It is a self-propelled device that attaches to the front of a tractor. Tractors are equipped with hydraulic systems that allow them to operate the spreader. This makes it possible to control the speed of the spreader. Tractor-mounted seed spreaders are typically used for large lawn areas.

ATV Spreader

An ATV seed spreader is a self-propelled device attached to the rear of an ATV. It works like a handheld spreader. However, it’s much bigger than a regular handheld spreader. It is useful for spreading seeds on steep hillsides. These spreaders can be used with tractors, trailers, ATVs, and UTV.

Best ATV Spreaders


Before choosing any fertilizer spreader for lawn and garden, make sure to determine the lawn area. If your lawn is small use a drop spreader. If the area is large then use a broadcast spreader. But for extra-large areas, buy any ATV fertilizer spreader.

Moreover, if you want spread fertilizers and seeds to small areas such as flower beds, and vegetable gardens. The handheld spreader is recommended.




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