How to Use Traveling Sprinkler the Right Way 2023

How to Use Traveling Sprinkler?

The tractor traveling sprinklers have three wheels that roll across the lawn along with the water hose and distribute water evenly as it goes.

The sprinkler features two long spray arms that spin around and propel the sprinkler, a water hose attaches at the back of the sprinkler and is pulled behind as the sprinkler passes over it.

An automatic shut-off-ramp marks the end of the sprinkling area that stops the water flow when it’s reached the end.

Before using the tractor sprinkler for the first time, you need to know how to lay out the path and activate the sprinkler.

Things you’ll need

Water hose, 0.625 inches insert the arms into the swiveling spray head and tighten them into place. Point the arms in accordance with the watering requirements of your lawn.

For example, point them down slightly to water a 15-foot area around the sprinkler. As it travels twist the arms facing up to water a 55-foot range surrounding the traveling sprinkler.

Swing the spray head around once to confirm that the arms do not touch the base. If the arms touch the base tilt them up a bit so that the sprinklers don’t stick.

Attached 0.625-inch water hose to the water source and lay out the desired watering path. The sprinkler travels the length of the hose exactly. So, lay out the hose knowing that it has the origin point of the traveling spray.

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Best Traveling Sprinkler
Best Traveling Sprinkler

Make turns broad and smooth so that the sprinkler stays on track attach the end of the hose to the traveling sprinkler with a three-foot loop at the end to avoid kinking snap the shut-off ramp onto the hose at the point you wish the traveling sprinkler to stop.

Some ramps come with a spike on the bottom to better route the ramp into place. Allow five feet of straight hose on either side of the ramp. The sprinkler rolls over the ramp which pushes in the stopper on the bottom of the sprinkler.

Place the sprinkler on top of the host. So, the front wheel is on top of the hose within the groups and the back wheels are on either side of the hose.

Set the speed of the sprinkler to high low or neutral. The high setting renders ‘light watering while the low settings render a thorough watering. Neutral watering stops the sprinkler and waters in one spot.

Pull the stopper on the bottom of the sprinkler out and slowly turn on the faucet to begin watering. Turn the water off after the sprinkler finishes. If you wish to lay out a new path for the sprinkler, start again. The stopper on the bottom might be difficult to pull down if pressure is built up in the hose.

Unscrew the hose to alleviate the pressure and try again when using the traveling sprinkler.

How does Traveling Sprinkler Work?

use traveling sprinkler


How Much Water Does a Traveling Sprinkler Put Out?

A lawn traveling sprinkler puts out between 30 and 50 gallons per minute. The exact amount is based on the size of the sprinkler and the length of time it is running. The time is also affected by the size of the lawn and the length of time you need to water it.

For example, a lawn with a square footage of 1,000 would require at least 1,000 gallons of water to fully water the grass. Therefore, a sprinkler that produces 50 gallons per minute would need to run for 80 minutes to complete the task.

How Fast Does a Traveling Sprinkler Move?

High Gear: Sprinkler is operational at 37’ per hour and applies ¼” of water per minute.

Low Gear: Sprinkler is operational at 21’ per hour and applies ½” of water per minute.


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